Lia M. Ramírez

  • Native Spanish teacher from Mexicali, B.C.
  • Master’s degree in Spanish (Hispanic Literature and Linguistics).  San Diego State University.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Spanish.  Minor in Latin American Studies.  San Diego State University.
  • Fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Teaching experience since 2011.  Taught Spanish level I, II and III at San Diego State University.  Also, during the year 2014-2015, I taught Spanish level I and II at Harvest Preparatory Academy High School.

"I value all that I learned from you. I enjoyed the lessons very much because you are a lovely, intelligent person and a very skillful teacher. It has been a pleasure working with you; my Spanish has improved a lot because of the lessons".

                                              Carol Moscrip-Robinson

"Rosa Lilia has been an enormous help to my daughter in her high school Spanish class. She is an excellent teacher, and a warm and generous human being. Her flexibility has also made our lives as parents easier. We are lucky to have found her".

Michelle R., San Diego      

"I am so glad I found Rosa Lilia! I studied Spanish in Argentina and when I came back I was desperate to not forget my Spanish! She has helped me not lose the skills I had learned as well as understand concepts that were confusing before. I recommend her to everybody and she seems to have a style that works for everyone and at all levels. I will continue to meet with her until I am fluent and then afterwards to practice with her. The best part is you can tell she really enjoys teaching her language and culture to people”.

Salina Boghari, Cardiff by the Sea.

“Thank you so much Rosa! I do not know how I would have survived Spanish two without you. You were extremely helpful and you were always able to make our tutoring sessions very comical. You have taught me so very much over the past few months and I will be forever thankful. You have not only taught me more about the language, but also about the culture in Spain and in Mexico and you have taught me many things that I could not learn in a book. Maybe one day I will be able to visit Mexico or Spain and see if it is just as amazing as you say it is. As well, you were very flexible to my ever-changing schedule and me as well. Without you, I probably would not know nearly as much as I do now, nor would I have a decent grade in Spanish class and for that I am forever thankful. I hope that you are able to teach and cheer up many other young Spanish learners as you did for me..."

Kylie Meyer, San Marcos.

"Great Tutor!"-My daughter really likes Rosa Lilia, she definitely engaged nice lessons with fun drawing to learn each new vocabulary. She makes the class very fun and pleasant to listen. My daughter really had improved since few weeks already. I am very happy with her new tutor."

Leslie J., San Diego.

"Absolutely Terrific"-Very prompt, very patient! I was very impressed with how well she worked with my teen age sons! Rosa Lilia has a wonderful way of getting her students involved and engaged! I am very very happy with her and my boys are as well. 5 out of 5 stars absolutely"

Carla R., Escondido.

Cultivating cross-cultural understanding...

Over the past five years, more than 100 students of all ages and levels of proficiency have learned Spanish at Saber.  Some of them have improved their knowledge of the language and others have implemented new study habits and have earned better test scores and grades.

We love celebrating those victories with our students.

“I like the class very much. It is a good review for me since I don’t speak Spanish regularly. The level is perfect. Rosa is very clear and concise and the subjects she chooses are at the right level. I especially like the games which stimulate interest and creativity to use the vocabulary. She also encourages participation. The class size is also good, since you can’t hide from participation!”

Andre Lumene Jr., Miramar.

"I consider you to be an excellent teacher. As my skills and needs have evolved, you have consistently adapted the courses to my requirements, and have always made learning Spanish fun and meaningful for me. 
My ability to communicate in Spanish has improved significantly, as direct result of the weekly classes with you. Over the course of the next several months, I expect to be able to comfortably speak and interact within the context of almost any social context, and am therefore totally satisfied with the progress made possible by your outstanding technique, enduring patience, and personalized teaching method. 
I feel very lucky to have you as a teacher, and would strongly recommend your classes for anyone wishing to learn to speak Spanish".

Alan Tiegen, Carlsbad.

  • Native Spanish teacher from Mexico City.
  • Bachelor's degree in Tourism and Marketing. University of Baja California.
  • Spanish Teacher Certification. University of Barcelona.
  • Currently studying a Master's degree program in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. National University of Mexico City (UNAM).
  • Fluent in Spanish, English, and Polish.
  • Teaching experience since 2000. Among this experience stands out the assistance in preparing Spanish speeches for Nathan Fletcher, one of the San Diego mayoral candidates in 2012.
  • English-Spanish-English translation of history articles, medical records, official documents, and personal letters.
  • Founder of Saber-Spanish Language Cultural Center (2011).

Rosa Lilia Gutiérrez


About Us

"Rosa to the Rescue!" "- We needed someone to help us the week before finals with our son's HS Spanish class. Rosa made time to see him every day that week and for extended hours on the last day to make sure he was ready. She had a good understanding of what he was having problems with and what would be expected from him on the upcoming test. I highly recommend Rosa!

Dawn Rivas, Escondido.